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The public school system serves well-balanced, nutritional breakfasts and lunch daily.  Some children are eligible to receive reduced prices or free lunches.  The costs of meals are as follows:

Breakfast                  $.60                                     Reduced        $.30

Lunch                       $1.50                                    Reduced        $.40

Students may purchase meals in advance in blocks of 5, 10, 15, or 20 days.  If they are absent or choose to bring a lunch during any of the "block" the prepaid lunch is simply held for an additional day.  Lunch blocks costs are as follows:

                                          Full Price                                Reduced

5 days                                $7.50                                       $2.00

10 days                              $15.00                                     $4.00

15 days                              $22.50                                     $6.00

20 days                              $30.00                                     $8.00

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